Flash Market's competitive advantage is that it has very competitive prices in all categories, yet it is seeing some of its greatest in-store successes in the foodservice category.

The chain runs the the majority of its stores in Arkansas, and some in Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri and Tennessee. Flash Market’s mission is to always provide customers with the finest motor fuels, merchandise and foodservice items at competitive prices in an atmosphere of superior service. Flash Market Inc. owns and operates most Flash Market stores, and another 26 Flash Markets are operated by independent dealers. Flash also operates 20 tobacco stores. An affiliated petroleum company, Flash Oil Co. of Arkansas Inc., supplies fuel to its own locations, about 80 dealer sites and all leased sites. Three new sites are planned.

Source: Convenience Digital Resource Library, Technomic

Headquarters:West Memphis, Arkansas
No. of Stores:75
Average Store Size:3,200 sq. ft.
Rank Last Year:77
States of Operation: Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee
Family Business:Yes