Ricker’s is a family-owned business that has slowly grown, over more than 30 years, into Ricker Oil Co., an innovative, technologically advanced convenience-store chain. Ricker's competitive advantages include its devotion to improving foodservice with options such as the AhhBurritos food truck and its Ricker Pop fill-up station, as well as its attention to improving its technological infrastructure with electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and video at the pump.

The company embraces an everyday low-pricing strategy for its fountain program, which it has adopted because of high volume and to establish itself as the dominant retailer in a market with other aggressive fountain retailers.

“Ricker’s Rewards” gives customers cents off per gallon at the pump in Ricker’s Fuel Club. Another way customers can save is participating in Ricker’s Club 10 for free items. The clubs include coffee, milk, fountain, doughnuts, smoothies and other products.

Ricker’s has an active online and social-media presence on Facebook, Twitter, foursquare and YouTube, as well as a mobile app.

Source: Convenience Digital Resource Library, Technomic

Headquarters:Anderson, Indiana
No. of Stores:56
Average Store Size:3,200 sq. ft.
States of Operation:
Family Business:Yes