Admiral Petroleum is a chain of 171 convenience and tobacco stores covering all of the lower peninsula of Michigan, with a few stores in the upper peninsula and parts of Indiana. The company is known for its discount pricing and convenient locations. It keeps consumer prices low by maintaining its own warehousing and distribution operations.

Admiral began its business in the 1950s as one of the early participants in the egg-, bread- and milk-based c-store trend, and later found its niche as a discount convenience operator.

There are two divisions: the regular convenience-store sector (about 130 units), and the wholesale and retail Admiral Discount Tobacco Store division (about 41 units). The Tobacco Store division began in 1995. While the tobacco stores are focused on the discounted sale of tobacco products along with upscale, name-brand convenience items, the main segment of Admiral convenience stores is similar to discount buy-out stores—much like a Dollar General, for example.

The company believes in an everyday-low-pricing strategy. Admiral eliminates the middleman and buys in bulk, warehousing and distributing products directly to the stores.

All locations are different, both in terms of store layout and product sold. Most locations have been acquired from pre-existing chains, which accounts for their difference in sizing.

Some stores are so small that there is no room even for fountain drinks. Larger units, especially Admiral Tobacco locations, market their merchandise on gondola shelving, with multi-vendor endcaps. Stores sell grocery- and convenience-sized national and value brands. Many locations have diesel fuel in addition to gasoline. Four locations have a car wash.

Headquarters:Coopersville, Michigan
No. of Stores:171
Average Store Size:1,000-2,500 sq. ft.
Rank Last Year:52
States of Operation: Indiana, Michigan