MFA Oil Co. is a farmer-owned cooperative with more than 40,000 members that was organized in 1929 by Missouri farmers who were seeking a reliable supply of fairly priced petroleum products. The company became the largest supplier of propane in Missouri and created the Break Time convenience stores in 1985 through its subsidiary, MFA Petroleum, which also operates the Big O Tire and Jiffy Lube franchises in mid-Missouri.

The Columbia, Mo.-based company's newest Break Time Neighborhood Market opened in Columbia, Mo., in early January 2015. The convenience store offers Dashboard Diner made-to-order sandwiches, Hunt Brothers Pizza, homemade breakfast sandwiches and expanded tea and fountain offerings. The new store also has a beer cave, Roasters Café and 25 fuel pumping stations. The company is building a new store in 2016. About 20 stores have received new LED lighting, gondolas, signage and new paint.

There are 75 Break Time locations in Missouri and Arkansas. All but one Break Time location sells MFA Oil Top Tier gasoline and PDF Ultra diesel fuel. All sell beer and wine. These c-stores sell private-label water, coffee and sandwiches. About a half-dozen locations have a car wash.

The company works to decrease dependence on foreign oil though refinery ownership and through the development and marketing of alternative, or "homegrown," fuels including gasoline with 10% ethanol and flex pumps that offer E20, E30 and E85, as well as soy biodiesel.

Headquarters:Columbia, Missouri
No. of Stores:75
Average Store Size:1,000-2,500 sq. ft.
Rank Last Year:97
States of Operation: Arkansas, Missouri