A fourth-generation, family-owned business, Krist Oil Co. operates 72 convenience stores across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, northern Wisconsin and Minnesota. All locations are owned and operated by the Krist Oil Co. and have been rebranded Krist Food Mart, replacing the former brand of CITGO Quik Food Mart.

Krist Food Mart stores are large--4,000 square feet and larger--and serve a mix of commuters and neighborhoods. All but two Wisconsin locations sell beer. Stores do not have any QSRs, but sandwiches and other to-go foods are made in-house. Tobacco remains a top-selling catgegory. Major competitors include Holiday, Kwik Trip and Lil’ Store.

Headquarters:Iron River, Michigan
No. of Stores:72
Average Store Size:2,500-4,000 sq. ft.
Rank Last Year:92
States of Operation: Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin
Family Business:Yes