Employee-owned Huck’s convenience stores have strong name recognition throughout the region they serve. Today, Huck's stores employ more than 1,250 people and still primarily serve customers in rural areas.

At all stores, employees are trained according to the philosophy that "customers are the most important focus." The company tries to differentiate the stores from others in the area by offering new products. It also offers brands that few competitors sell, such as bagged candy, water, energy drinks, soda, oil, bacon, fried chicken and wine under "control" brands. Huck's has private-label candy, water, wine and motor oil.

Huck’s stores feature drive-thru windows, and the company plans to include more in some of its new stores. All but one location pumps fuel, with most of the locations selling gasoline under the private brand Huck's; one store is branded CITGO.

Huck's is known for its Bigg Swigg and Daybreak Cafe coffee and cappuccino. Stores with sit-down dining offer Wi-Fi.

Huck's is always in expansion mode. Five to six new stores were planned for 2015. The company, which is a member of the Illinois Association of Convenience Stores, remains interested in acquiring smaller chains.

Headquarters:Carmi, Illinois
No. of Stores:115
Average Store Size:2,500-4,000 sq. ft.
Rank Last Year:71
States of Operation: Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee