This chain based in Boise, Idaho, has carried the Stinker name for 70 years. Several of the 65 c-stores offer foodservice through QSRs, such as Chester’s Chicken and Hot Stuff Pizza, while the chain also owns and operates four QSRs attached to its c-stores: two Subways, one A&W and one Arctic Circle.

The chain's regionally famous skunk logo and humorous billboards are omnipresent in its markets, and its mascot, Polecat Pete, is promoted through the company's website and with social media networking and marketing.

Local businessman Charley Jones is sole owner of the company after longtime employee and fellow-owner Shawn Davis sold his share of the company to Jones in 2012.

Stinker owns the distribution center that serves all stores in the chain. The company has a customer-service campaign that rewards associates who have been with the company two years or more. It also offers an employee profit-share program for those with the company two years or more.

Headquarters:Boise, Idaho
No. of Stores:65
Average Store Size:1,000-2,500 sq. ft.
States of Operation: