Known for its recognizable delivery trucks (which are decorated with cows and have horns that moo instead of honk) and friendly employees, Family Express operates convenience stores in 31 cities in Northwest and North Central Indiana, employing about 500 people and generating about $300 million in gross annual revenues. A couple of new stores have opened each year since 2013, including one in summer 2015 near the Purdue University campus. The chain "will add more as wise opportunities become available.”

Family Express differentiates itself by having fresh milk and many other products delivered daily to the stores and offering its own water and ice program. Stores are known for the chain's private-label concepts and products, including:

  • Cravin’s Market foodservice -- fresh sandwiches, wraps, salads and fruits
  • Beverage Bay
  • Square Donuts
  • Java Wave and JW European Cafe
  • Buzzed and Buzzed Zero Energy
  • Squeeze Freeze

Family Express regularly offers special promotions on food and grocery items. Stores sell private-label flavored and caffeinated waters, which complement its Squeeze Freeze frozen beverages (self-serve, five flavors), and its private-label energy drink, Buzzed and Buzzed Zero.

Headquarters:Valparaiso, Indiana
No. of Stores:65
Average Store Size:2,500-4,000 sq. ft.
States of Operation:
Family Business:Yes