The retail arm of Fikes Wholesale Inc., Temple, Texas, is enjoying a surge in retail design and geographic expansion. Since 2015, CEFCO has branched into the Florida Panhandle, unveiling a 5,500-square-foot prototype fronted by 16 fueling positions with an attractive backlit canopy and LED lighting.

In 2015, Fikes selected Verifone’s Commander Site Controller and Ruby2 POS solutions for deployment across the entire chain. Its solutions provide CEFCO an EMV (Europay, Mastercard and Visa)-ready platform that enables the chain to support EMV in its stores. In addition to reducing complexity by separating payment, fuel and point-of-sale software for easier management and remote upgrades, the solutions enable CEFCO to support EMV at the pump.

With locations across seven states, CEFCO has an impressive private-label offering of energy drinks, coffee, water, snacks and foodservice, and car washes at many locations. The company aims to add six to 12 new-to-industry sites annually and has established an integrated social-media promotion strategy, primarily via Facebook and Twitter.

Headquarters:Temple, Texas
Station Count:33
Market Efficiency:1.510
Market Share:0.050%
Outlet Share:0.030%
Price Differential:-2.41 CPG