With a market efficiency of more than four times the industry average, QuikTrip is an incredibly potent fuel retailer. It not only ranked near the top of CSP’s Fuels 50 list for the second year in a row, but it also consistently leads consumer surveys, such as GasBuddy’s Top 100 rankings.

“We hope that we continue to execute and be consistent with the offer,” Mike Thornbrugh, manager of public and government affairs, told CSP. The winning elements of that offer include competitive pricing, ease of egress and ingress, fuel quality assurances, and providing a clean, safe and satisfying fueling experience.

“These are little things that add up over time,” Thornbrugh said.

In 2017, QuikTrip added E15, the 15% fuel blend, to more than 50 stores in the Dallas market. The chain is content with limiting the higher ethanol blend to that market for now, a demonstration of its characteristic focus. “It has a chance to be very successful,” Thornbrugh said, “but like anything else, it just takes time.”

Headquarters:Tulsa, Okla.
Station Count:756
Market Efficiency:4.660
Market Share:3.220%
Outlet Share:0.690%
Price Differential:-2.31 CPG