Privately held Family Express is a regional convenience-store leader focused on foodservice and exemplary customer service (what it calls its “living brand”), which helps bring customers to the forecourt and into stores. Sites feature an elevated architecture and landscaping experience.

Family Express has a loyalty program, FE Perks, that offers customers cents off per gallon of gasoline based on in-store purchases, as well as an automatic 3 CPG discount at every fill-up. Its mobile app allows users to track their FE Perks savings and get up-to-the-minute gas prices.

The company added E15, the 15% ethanol-gasoline blend, in 2016. It has sold E85, an 85% ethanol blend for flex-fuel vehicles, for about a decade. E85 ranks second to regular E10, the 10% ethanol blend, in fuel sales at Family Express sites.

Headquarters:Valparaiso, Ind.
Station Count:68
Market Efficiency:1.590
Market Share:0.100%
Outlet Share:0.060%
Price Differential:0.15 CPG