Originally founded as an ice-cream parlor in the early 1930s, High’s Dairy is the retail arm of Baltimore-based Carroll Independent Fuel and remains best known for its ice cream and milkshakes.

But while dairy may be its heritage, its private-label gasoline program is more recent. Originally fueled by CITGO and Shell, High’s made its foray into self-branded gasoline in 2011 when it unveiled a prototype station in Chester, Md. Soon after, High’s was acquired by Carroll Independent Fuel, spurring a chainwide shift from major-oil banners to the independent High’s forecourt offering.

Bolstering sales is High’s Rewards, a fuel-based CPG discount program triggered by in-store purchases of select items. The program features online and mobile tracking, and rewards must be used by the end of the following month.

Station Count:28
Market Efficiency:1.640
Market Share:0.040%
Outlet Share:0.030%
Price Differential:-2.95 CPG