Weigel’s Stores Inc., Powell, Tenn., operates a c-store chain, dairy and bakery. Its myWeigel’s Rewards points-based loyalty program, which offers the ability to earn free gallons of milk, can be upgraded to provide 10 CPG discounts on gasoline purchases. Its fuel offer includes everything from 0% ethanol gasoline to E10, E85 and diesel. In 2017, the Weigel fuel brand boasted a market efficiency nearly twice the industry average, according to OPIS data.

In the backcourt, the chain’s newest stores feature the Weigel’s Kitchen foodservice concept, and a few of its Tennessee sites offer food-ordering kiosks, pizza and specialty coffee.

Headquarters:Powell, Tenn.
Station Count:59
Market Efficiency:1.820
Market Share:0.100%
Outlet Share:0.050%
Price Differential:0.34 CPG