Simonson Station Stores is a fourth-generation family-owned business currently operating 16 stores across North Dakota and Minnesota. It uses the fact that its fuel is “locally sourced”—from the Williston Basin in North Dakota—as a point of differentiation. The closeness to the source allows for a fresher product and more precise inventory management controls, according to the company. Its product offerings include E10 gasoline and No. 2 ultra-low-sulfur diesel. During winter, Simonson offers winter-blended ultra-low-sulfur diesel and No. 1 ultra-low-sulfur diesel (where available). Simonson offers a branded charge card with a 3-CPG discount.

Headquarters:Grand Forks, N.D.
Station Count:15
Market Efficiency:1.240
Market Share:0.020%
Outlet Share:0.010%
Price Differential:-1.87 CPG