The Royal Farms fuel brand enjoyed a market efficiency of nearly three times the industry average in 2017, according to OPIS data. The chain’s RoFo Rewards program helps drive volumes, awarding points for every gallon purchased or dollar spent inside the store. If members link their rewards account to their checking account, they can earn 10 CPG in fuel savings. Royal Farms also has a fleet-card program that offers a 5-CPG savings. And Royal Farms ties its car wash into the fuel offer, offering a 20-CPG discount on any fuel purchase made with a car wash.

Royal Farms’ tagline, “Real Fresh. Real Fast. Real Green,” is reflected on the forecourt. The chain has 24 EV charging locations in Maryland and Delaware. It opened its first charging station in 2015, as part of a partnership with EV charging-station provider Chargepoint. And in 2017, a Tesla Supercharger station opened at a Royal Farms’ store in Grasonville, Md. The stores offer a draw not only for gasoline customers but also those using the EV chargers—a process that can take 20 minutes or so. They feature a full foodservice program, including fried chicken, a deli, coffee bar and plenty of seating.

Station Count:144
Market Efficiency:2.910
Market Share:0.380%
Outlet Share:0.130%
Price Differential:-2.51 CPG