Springfield, Mass.-based Pride Stores is a family-owned and -operated chain of convenience stores in western Massachusetts and Connecticut. Its private-brand gasoline price averaged 2.08 CPG below its local competition, according to OPIS.

The company relies on a healthy loyalty program to drive gallons further. This includes a savings card that gives a 10-CPG discount on fuel, and a reward card for customers to earn money toward in-store and gasoline purchases. In 2017, the convenience-store chain partnered with reduced-emissions program provider GreenPrint LLC to launch Purpose, a sustainability program that aims to reduce Pride fuel customers’ tailpipe emissions by investing in local, regional and global certified carbon-reduction projects, as well as tree planting.

Pride was said to be the first c-store chain to install cash dispensers at the fuel pumps in 2005 and the first in the market to sell ethanol-blended and biodiesel fuels at all locations by 2007. 

Headquarters:Springfield, Mass.
Station Count:26
Market Efficiency:1.770
Market Share:0.040%
Outlet Share:0.020%
Price Differential:-2.08 CPG