The Wawa, Pa.-based chain’s fuel brand is the frequent leader of OPIS’ market-efficiency rankings of brands with 50 or more sites. For the 2018 CSP Fuels 50 ranking of sites with 15 or more locations, Wawa also finished in a strong second position for a second year in a row, with a market efficiency of more than five times the industry average.

Its dominance is due in part to the steps it is willing to take to provide stable, secure supply to its stores. In 2017, Wawa broke the champagne on a Jones-compliant articulated tug barge, which brings gasoline to Florida for its growing store network there. “This marine asset is part of a promise to maintain and secure our ability to fulfill lives, whether in the best of times, and also when we are needed the most, during the most challenging times, like this past September with Hurricane Irma,” Brian Schaller, senior vice president, chief real estate and fuel officer, told CSP.

And Wawa is comfortable stretching beyond traditional fuels, as evidenced by its network of sites with Tesla Supercharger electric-vehicle charging stations, which will ramp up in 2018.

Headquarters:Wawa, Pa.
Station Count:527
Market Efficiency:5.220
Market Share:2.510%
Outlet Share:0.480%
Price Differential:-3.11 CPG