Rutter’s owns and operates 64 convenience stores, all in Pennsylvania. Almost all of them sell three grades of gasoline under private-label brands. The York, Pa.-based chain’s locations typically feature 12 gasoline fueling spaces and five high-speed truck diesel fueling spots. They also offer kerosene.

The stores feature Dresser Wayne fuel systems. Rutter’s supplements its gasoline with additives and detergents and guarantees its effectiveness. If the gasoline a customer purchases at one of its locations causes a problem, Rutter’s will pay for repairs.

While not typical, the company opened its largest location, an 11.5-acre site in York Springs, Pa., in late 2015. It features seven high-speed truck diesel fueling spaces, 14 fueling lanes for gasoline and automobile diesel and 23 truck parking spaces. The exterior fuel monument sign and gas canopy debuted a new, enhanced Rutter’s brand identity.

In 2017, Rutter’s added Level 3 DC fast chargers to its Mountville and New Cumberland, Pa., convenience stores, and would like to add more should the test prove successful.

Headquarters:York, Pa.
Station Count:64
Market Efficiency:2.290
Market Share:0.130%
Outlet Share:0.060%
Price Differential:0.20 CPG