The more than 100 convenience stores owned and operated by 7-Eleven Stores of Oklahoma are the only independently owned stores that carry the 7-Eleven brand, thanks to a special arrangement made in 1953 between owner William "Bill" Brown and 7-Eleven Inc.

That means that the Oklahoma stores are neither licensees nor franchisees of the national chain, but are totally independent. The Oklahoma company is led by Brown's son, James Brown.

This explains how the Oklahoma stores can sell their own Icy Drink instead of Slurpee, or that the company runs its own bakery called Seventh Heaven. There’s a logical reason for the latter. 7-Eleven of Oklahoma owns and operates 7th Heaven Bakeries central commissary. The operator also runs its own full-service distribution center known as DistribuQuik, along with the Payphone Co. and MovieQuik, its proprietary movie-rental operation.

No. of Stores:111
Average Store Size:2,500-4,000 sq. ft.
States of Operation: