A relatively new player founded in 2003, American Retail Services (ARS) is operated by parent company MYOBZ LLC. About half its retail network--52 stores--are part of a multi-store operation agreement (MSO), in which ARS runs the c-stores but does not own the unit.

On the forecourt, the company carries a number of flags, including Tesoro, Shell, Texaco, and private label.

Inside the store, the company runs a roller-grill and prepackaged foodservice program, and a strong beer offering, equipped with the major brands, as well as Mexican imports such as Corona, Tectate Pacifico.

The company plans two rebuilds in 2014 in Oregon, one a Shell site, the other Tesoro.

Derek Mason, merchandising manager for ARS, says the stores target the millennial generation, males and females. The chain has no website for the general public but operates an Intranet site to provide information for its stores. ARS does not use social media marketing.

Headquarters:Oceanside, California
No. of Stores:102
Average Store Size:2,500-4,000 sq. ft.
States of Operation: Arizona, California, Oregon, Utah, Washington