An Ohio fuel powerhouse, truenorth is a joint venture of Truenorth Holdings and Shell Oil, distributing to 198 dealer-operated and 109 company-run stores in the Midwest trifecta of Illinois, Michigan and Ohio. The company services many of the biggest population markets, including Chicago, Cleveland and Detroit.

Construction has been on truenorth’s mind over the past couple of years. In 2012, the company opened new corporate headquarters in Brecksville, Ohio, in addition to existing offices in Toledo, Dayton and Columbus. Also, it acquired three stores in Chicago and rebranded them in 2012, and built a fourth store in the suburb of Libertyville, Ill.

The family-run concern led by the Lyden family has a simple motto for its c-stores: “Fast, Friendly, Clean.” And from all looks, the slogan is captured in the stores’ overall consistency and friendly staff.

Headquarters:Brecksville, Ohio
No. of Stores:109
Average Store Size:1,000-2,500 sq. ft.
States of Operation: Illinois, Michigan, Ohio