Carlton C. Durling founded QuickChek in 1967 as an extension of his established dairy business, Durling Farms.

The stores are large by industry standards, many running more than 6,000 square feet. They include staples, as well as an extensive selection of sandwiches and flavored coffee. The company prides itself on its coffee, brewed around the clock. In June 2011, all stores introduced an updated coffee program that includes vacuum-insulated pots and new graphics.

QuickChek also takes pride in its gasoline; it tends to underprice the competition on gasoline and views fuel as a “pass through” product.

Primarily in New Jersey, the chain includes 12 pharmacy stores and 43 locations with QuickChek gasoline, 31 of which also pump diesel fuel.

QuickChek first entered New York in 2008, and it has continually added more stores there over the years.

Headquarters:Whitehouse Station, New Jersey
No. of Stores:138
Average Store Size:4,000 sq. ft.
States of Operation: New Jersey, New York