Las Vegas’ largest homegrown c-store chain, Terrible Herbst Oil Co. operates more than 100 convenience-stores across three states, with carwashes and lube shops kicking in another 60 sites.

When you patronize a Terrible Herbst site, something stands out. Bad Guy, the company’s famous mustachioed cowboy logo, has been a fixture since Edward R Herbst founded the Terrible’s c-store chain in 1959.

The network’s 106 c-stores all sell fuel, beer and wine. It also was in the headwinds of a great debate in 2011, when the state legislature proposed a new sin tax. The retailer told the legislature that beer, wine and cigarettes accounted for over 50% of store sales--and that such items were critical drivers toward a broader market basket.

On the food front, the company embarked on a major breakfast and coffee initiative in 2011, partnering with Sara Lee. Most of the locations feature roller grills, where Tornados are hot sellers. As well, some stores have added Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches and 50 locations added oatmeal machines. Bundling and meal deals are also part of Terrible Herbst's new emphasis on foodservice, with a fresh sandwich line developed by wholesaler Core-Mark playing a key role.

“We’re offering bundled deals to compete and continue to drive customers into our stores,” said the company’s primary buyer Mark Walters.

No. of Stores:106
Average Store Size:1,000-2,500 sq. ft.
States of Operation: Arizona, California, Nevada