Stinker Stores is a privately owned company that has been serving customers since 1936. Stinker's iconic brand is known by its skunk mascot, Polecat Pete. The stores are located in Idaho, Colorado and Wyoming. In 2022, the company rolled out its Pete's Eats private-label water, candy, snacks and jerky, and it expanded Pete's Eats proprietary food across most of its stores. Stinker Stores also introduced an updated building design that is food-focused and invites customers to linger and fully experience the fun vibe in its stores.

In addition to Stinker c-stores, the Stinker family of companies includes Arrowrock Supply, a tobacco and grocery wholesale distribution company serving Stinker and other retailers throughout Idaho, and Westpoint Transportation, a trucking company specializing in the transportation of motor fuels and petroleum products in Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana.

Stinker is known for its deep community partnerships and has long been a hub for community events.

For benchmarking purposes, store counts are as of Jan. 1, 2023.

Headquarters:Boise, Idaho
No. of Stores:108
Rank Last Year:66