Global Partners LP is a Fortune 500 company and the parent company of convenience-store and gas-station brands formerly held by Alliance Energy and Warren Equities. In Oct. 2017, Global Partners acquired 33 convenience stores from Honey Farm Inc. More recently, Global Partners put 32 retail locations in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic up for sale in May 2018. It then signed an agreement to purchase the retail fuel and convenience-store assets of Champlain Oil Co. Inc. in the same month. (2018 acquisitions are not factored into Top 202 rankings.) The purchase from Champlain amounted to 37 company-operated Jiffy Mart-branded c-stores in Vermont and New Hampshire, and about 24 fuel sites that are either owned or leased, including lessee dealer and commission-agent locations. The majority of the Alliance Energy stores are branded Alltown, with a proprietary foodservice concept called Alltown Cafe or Centre Street Kitchen. Alliance Energy also operates sites under a few other brands, including Mr. Mike's, Fast Freddie's, Gulf Express and On the Run. Global Partners and its predecessors have supplied energy to businesses and government agencies throughout the Northeast for more than 80 years.

Source: Convenience Digital Resource Library, Technomic. For benchmarking purposes, store counts are year-end 2017.

Headquarters:Waltham, Massachusetts
No. of Stores:284
Rank Last Year:33