Santa Clara, Calif.-based Robinson Oil is a fourth-generation family business operating retail under the Rotten Robbie moniker. Northern California stores vary in size from small kiosks to larger units with a full selection of core c-store product categories.

The chain functions as an independent, private-brand marketer, with most stores located in the San Francisco Bay area. The company strategy hews towards selling a high volume of fuel at competitive prices, with competitive prices on cigarettes and energy-drink specials.

Robinson Oil places an emphasis on running efficient operations and strives to sell the same high-quality products as competitors minus the higher price points, executed by optimal product-price procurement in dealing with suppliers. Employees are key to success, evident by many of its associates’ long tenure at the company.

In addition to gasoline and ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel, some locations sell 1-K Kerosene and propane in bulk, while a few locations offer touch-free car washes.

The company’s commercial business is carried out through its affiliation with Pacific Pride and CFN Fleet fueling networks, the cards for which are accepted at most Rotten Robbie locations.

Source: Convenience Digital Resource Library, Technomic. For benchmarking purposes, store counts are year-end 2017.

Photo courtesy of Grendelkhan. 

Headquarters:Santa Clara, California
No. of Stores:33
Rank Last Year:189