Through a deal struck 1953, Oklahoma City-based 7-Eleven Stores has been an independent operator of more than 100 7-Eleven-branded convenience stores in Oklahoma.

The chain's locations, all in the Oklahoma City market, are not licensees or franchisees of the national chain. Rather, they are the only independently owned retail outlets that carry the 7-Eleven brand via a one-of-a-kind agreement forged in 1953 between owner William Brown and 7-Eleven Inc., then based in Dallas.

The locations differ from the national chain primarily in foodservice. While they do offer Big Gulp fountain drinks, they offer Icy Drinks instead of Slurpee frozen beverages. The chain runs a proprietary bakery, 7th Heaven, and its own distribution center, both of which are included in the deal. The stores also have their own loyalty program, called Thx.

7-Eleven Inc. acquired 7-Eleven Stores in early 2020.

For benchmarking purposes, store counts are year-end 2019.

Headquarters:Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
No. of Stores:108
Rank Last Year:61