A pioneer in many leading-edge ventures across environmental-friendly operating and sustainability, Springfield, Mass.-based Pride Stores, family-owned and-operated, conducts business in western Massachusetts and Connecticut. It was reported to be the first c-store chain to install cash dispensers at the fuel pumps in 2005, and the first to sell ethanol-blended and biodiesel fuels at all locations by 2007.

These days, Pride Stores is championing a program where it eschews use of single-use plastic bags in stores: Starting in May 2019, Pride Stores ceased carrying plastic bags and, as a result, saved an estimated 2.5 million bags per year_or 20 tons of plastic. It also built Tesla supercharger stations, installing its first at its Hadley, Mass. location and then got to work on the second station in Hartford, Conn. Keeping the goodwill mentality going further, Pride Stores pumps fuel for seniors from 8 am to 4 pm daily. Inside stores, food brands start with Chester's Fried Chicken and Subway, plus it offers chain-sponsored smoothies and shakes plus made-to-order deli items.In addition to its operational efficiencies, the company relies on a well-used loyalty program to drive gallon volume higher. This includes a savings card that gives a 10-cent-per-gallon discount on fuel, and a reward card for customers to earn money toward in-store and gasoline purchases.

For benchmarking purposes, store counts are year-end 2019.

Headquarters:Springfield, Massachusetts
No. of Stores:32
Rank Last Year:201