Through its U.S. subsidiary Parkland USA, Parkland Fuel Corp., a Calgary, Alberta-based independent fuel supplier and convenience-store operator, has been on an acquisition run, such that the company projects it will possess a network of more than 1,000 retail locations by 2024, which would fold in dealer-operated sites along with company-owned and operated. In fall 2019, the organization established a game plan to expand its U.S. presence when it finalized an acquisition in Florida and establishing a new Parkland USA office in Charleston, S.C. In January 2020, Parkland entered into an agreement to acquire Kellerstrass Oil Co., a Utah-based regional retail dealer and commercial fuel business with branches in Utah, Idaho and Wyoming. In March 2020, the fuel marketer entered into an asset agreement to acquire ConoMart Super Stores' seven retail sites located in and around Billings, Mont. All sites feature a Conoco-branded forecourt.

Historically, Parkland USA's Superpumper locations have established their footprint in North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Minnesota. The company also operates Harts Food & Gas locations in Utah and Colorado. Dealers fall under Sinclair, Exxon, Phillips 66, Arco, Cenex and Chevron brands. Parent company Parkland Fuels has customers in Canada, U.S., the Caribbean and the Americas through three channels: retail, commercial and wholesale.

For benchmarking purposes, store counts are year-end 2019.

No. of Stores:50
Rank Last Year:154