Known for its large stores open around the clock, ultra-clean restrooms and its widely recognized beaver mascot, Buc-ee's locations sell proprietary Buc-ee's-branded fuel. The company operates in the central, north, south, and southeast regions of Texas, as well as in Southern Alabama and Florida.

Buc-ee's distinguishes itself from competitors by its "everything's bigger in Texas" mentality around its facilities and its extensive retail, food and beverages. Buc-ee's also offers everything from hunting gear and jewelry to novelty items, toys and barbecue pits. The chain's travel stops are aimed at families and motorists, selling gasoline, prepared meals, snacks, beverages, cigarettes, ice and Texas-inspired souvenirs and accessories.

Flagship stores feature full-service delis and coffee shops and, depending on the location, touchscreen ordering at the deli. The chain offers a large, diversified selection of fountain drinks, and several locations offer bottled wine. Scores of private-label candy and sweet snacks are available—including Buc-ee's Beaver Nuggets (corn snacks) and more than 20 flavors of fudge. In addition to private-label snacks, stores offer the Buc-ee's brand of jerky in multiple flavors, while larger stores are devoted to selling popcorn and jerky.

For benchmarking purposes, store counts are year-end 2019.

Headquarters:Lake Jackson, Texas
No. of Stores:35
Rank Last Year:189