ExtraMile Convenience Stores LLC (EMCS) is a joint venture franchising company for the ExtraMile convenience-store offer. Structured as a 50-50 business that is split in ownership and governance between Chevron USA and Jacksons Food Stores, EMCS has its sights on growing the ExtraMile c-store brand within the existing Chevron- and Texaco-branded network.

Consumers can now find ExtraMile stores in six Western states: Utah, California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada and Idaho. As it continues to expand across more of the Western United States, EMCS plans to grow to 1,500 ExtraMile sites by 2027.

For benchmarking purposes, store counts are year-end 2019.

Headquarters:Pleasanton, California
No. of Stores:942
Rank Last Year:10