MNS Ltd. operates 80 convenience stores and tourist stores—mostly in Hawaii—under the name ABC Stores. In 2014, all stores underwent a total remodeling, including interior and exterior paint, pumps and fountain equipment.

ABC is known to look for locations in a variety of sizes, from 1,500 square feet to 7,000, and typically leases for five years with five-year options.

With friendly employees, great service and a large selection of items, ABC Stores make it easy and convenient to get favorite treasures, flavors and fragrances of the islands. They carry everything from deli, groceries, fine wines and spirits, to drugs and cosmetics, gifts, souvenirs and local apparel.

In 2003, sales were estimated at $150 million, with about 900 employees. A company division known as Island Gourmet Market was developed as “a lifestyle market for all." So far, there is only one of these supermarket locations at Waikoloa, Hawaii.

No. of Stores:80
Average Store Size:2,500-4,000 sq. ft.
Rank Last Year:91
States of Operation: Hawaii, Nevada