Founded in 1960, Martin & Bayley—or Huck's—is 100% employee-owned. The chain primarily serves rural areas. At all stores, employees are trained according to the philosophy that "customers are the most important focus."

Huck’s differentiates its stores by offering new products and brands that few competitors sell, including control brands for bag candy, water, energy drinks, soda, oil, bacon, fried chicken and wine, and several private-label items. Many stores feature drive-thru windows and most sell Huck’s brand gasoline.

For foodservice, most Huck’s stores feature roller grills and hot carts. Quick-service restaurants include Godfather's Pizza, Huck's Famous Fried Chicken, Quiznos and Bigg Subb. About half of the stores also offer breakfast items and made-to-order sandwiches through the Grillin' Zone, such as Texas Toast sausage and the Huck’s Signature burger.

Huck's is always in expansion mode. The chain opened two new stores in 2014, concentrating on smaller urban areas. Two additional stores were under construction and at least three more are planned for 2015. The company remains interested in acquiring smaller chains.

Headquarters:Carmi, Illinois
No. of Stores:115
Average Store Size:2,500-4,000 sq. ft.
Rank Last Year:65
States of Operation: Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee