Quality Oil operates 42 Quality Marts in North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia featuring a slogan of “Quality, our way of life.” It also owns and franchises 56 Quality Plus stores, which sell gas and cigarettes only. The Quality Plus stores are run by husband-and-wife teams who live in furnished apartments attached to the store property. The Quality Plus stores feature drive-thru windows and special cigarette pricing. Quality Mart stores market themselves as “the fastest pumps in town.” Most are open late for customer convenience, some 24 hours a day. Competitors include 7-Eleven, Circle K, Fast Track and Kangaroo Express.

The company, which started in 1929, also supplies heating and cooling services, fleet fueling and operates several hotels. Its top-selling category is cigarettes, and other key categories are beer, energy drinks and carbonated soft drinks, with all showing growth over the previous year.

Headquarters:Winston-Salem, North Carolina
No. of Stores:96
Average Store Size:1,000-2,500 sq. ft.
Rank Last Year:64
States of Operation: North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia